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AV Lecterns are used in a wide variety of professions and work places from classrooms to boardrooms. As opposed to regular lecterns, AV lecterns incorporate the latest audio and visual technology. Through the incorporation of your AV equipment and unique design you will be able to impress any audience with this modern aesthetic.

Often you will find difficulty when trying to balance all of your AV equipment on a standard cabinet or lectern which is why AV lecterns are the best solution. With this specially designed piece of furniture you can have all of your AV equipment at your fingertips in an instant. Everything you will need whether it be for a presentation or a lecture can be stored in the integrated lectern cabinet which can be made to meet your specifications. Features such as ventilation and floor access for cables can be included in your cabinet along with lockable doors to ensure the security of your equipment. For easy access during presentations your lectern can incorporate removable door features if this is something you wish to have in your design specification.

You will also find with standard lecterns that cable management is quite difficult and often they will become tangled making them difficult to use. Also, if you have a large amount of cabled equipment it can become a safety hazard if your presentation requires you to move around. However, one of the specialist design features of AV lecterns is that they are well adapted to keeping cables tucked away neatly inside without them becoming tangled, improving not only the aesthetic of your lectern but also the safety. During the design process you can request to have an area installed to suit your preference of where you would like your cables to have access from.

 The multiple features and adjustable nature of this type of display stand mean that it can be easily adapted to suit any AV equipment and systems you may have. You can have your stand designed to your complete specification with features such as adjustable height, incorporated multimedia additions e.g. microphones, lights, screens or laptop mounts, plaques with logos/emblems and much more.

At Lecterns we provide a professional bespoke presentation furniture solutions to meet any and all of your unique requirements. We can not only modify our own original AV Lecterns to suit your specifications but we are also happy to take on new ideas that you may have sketched out or you wish to verbally discuss with one of bespoke team. Whatever you feel you need, we will do all we can to help achieve your perfect display solution. Our bespoke service is available in a range of quantities whether it be a one off orders or large productions runs. And, most importantly, all of our furniture is hand made in England and can be delivered throughout the UK within 5-7 working days.

We aim to accommodate all of your requests to ensure the perfect design which is why our bespoke design team will let you see and approve your furniture prior to you wanting to order. For help and advice on how we can help bring your furniture to life contact our bespoke design team via email at

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