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A very popular lectern, the AV1 is one of our most versatile designs.
Av Lecterns are used in a wide variety of professions and work places from classrooms to boardrooms. As opposed to regular lecterns, AV lecterns incorporate the latest audio and visual technology. Through the incorporation of your AV equipment and unique design you will be able to impress any audience with this modern aesthetic.   A very popular lectern, the AV1 is one of our most versatile designs.  It is ideal for hi-tech presentations and teaching, and can also be used as a sales point or concierge desk.  Free standing, it includes a lockable, vented cupboard suitable f..
New Bespoke Lectern for University
A bespoke solution designed for University College, London
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11 uses of a lectern Some of these may surprise you! When you think of a lectern, what comes to mind? At www.Lectern-s.co.uk we manufacture our lecterns for a wide range of sectors.  We are often surprised by the ways in which our lecterns are used by our customers.  Listed below are some of the purposes lecterns can be put to: Church lectern Unsurprisingly, many of our lecterns are sold to churches.  If you look around your local church, you will probably see at least one, if not two or three different lecterns.  In churches, these are used to support the bible..
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