11 Uses of a lectern

11 uses of a lectern

Some of these may surprise you!

When you think of a lectern, what comes to mind? At www.Lectern-s.co.uk we manufacture our lecterns for a wide range of sectors.  We are often surprised by the ways in which our lecterns are used by our customers.  Listed below are some of the purposes lecterns can be put to:
  1. Church lectern
    Arc LecternUnsurprisingly, many of our lecterns are sold to churches.  If you look around your local church, you will probably see at least one, if not two or three different lecterns.  In churches, these are used to support the bible while the lesson is being read.  Older, more traditional churches can have very heavy and ornate lecterns, made of wood or even brass, and intricately formed, often in the shape of an eagle.  However, newer churches are creating a lighter, more modern look, and our Arc lectern with its attractive curved lines proves a popular choice for a pulpit.

  1. School lectern
    Think back to your school days and you will probably remember sitting in the hall at prize day or speech day while the head teacher or a visiting dignitary talked from a lectern.  Most schools find a lectern a very useful piece of furniture, as it gives the speaker somewhere to put their notes while addressing the pupils or parents.  We recognise that in these times of austerity, schools may struggle to fund a purchase, so with this in mind we developed our Budget lectern – all the attractive design qualities of the other lecterns in our range, manufactured from MDF.  We believe you will not find a cheaper lectern than this design anywhere on the internet.

  1. Colleges and Universities
    In the world of academia, there has always been a need for lecterns.  The word ‘lectern’ (and also the word ‘lecture’) come from the Latin word ‘legere,’ which means ‘to read.’ With lecture halls holding hundreds of students, lecturers find that somewhere to put their notes while speaking is a necessity.

  1. Conference Centres
    Presentations at conferences have become slicker and more hi-tech. With wi-fi and smartboards, presenters and trainers need to have their laptop or tablet to hand during a speech or training session.  For larger conferences, more AV equipment will be needed.  A goose-necked light can be fitted to our lecterns (the Shrouded lectern is a particularly good design for this), and where required, cable management ports can be added for a microphone.

  1. Libraries
    What better way to feature a new publication and draw the reader’s attention than displaying a special book on one of our desktop lecterns? Perfect for tabletop display, our desktop lecterns work brilliantly in schools as part of a display of work and resources.

  1. Restaurants
    It may not be the first use of a lectern that springs to mind, but next time you are waiting to be seated in a restaurant, take a look at the desk used by the front of house staff.  When all that’s needed is a discreet place to hold the reservations list, a lectern takes up very little space.  With our range of wood and melamine finishes, you can be sure our lectern will blend in seamlessly with your restaurant décor.
  1. Doorman / Concierge Desk
    In a hotel or large office building with multiple companies, a doorman or concierge needs to be accessible to visitors and guests. Rather than sitting behind a large reception desk, many hotels are creating a friendlier dynamic by using a lectern.  In this way, the staff appear more approachable, and still have space to keep notes or a tablet.

  1. Mobile Sales point
    To make the best use of your retail space, you need the flexibility to rearrange your retail displays depending on your merchandise.  Just think how much wider your display options would be if you could move your sales points around.  Using our AV lecterns with castors, Garsons garden centre have done just that, and are very happy with the result.

  1. Cinemas and Theatres
    One of our recent customers was a well-known cinema chain.  By fitting our goose-necked light to the Shrouded lectern and adding cable management ports, they had the ideal desk for use at ticket check points.  Similarly, a lectern is perfect for theatre programme sellers.

  1. Airport Security
    A more unexpected use of our AV lecterns, a recent customer found these were perfect to house the IT equipment required for the airport security system they had designed.  The lockable, vented cupboards hold the IT equipment, while the top provides room for the user interface.

  1. Outdoor information
    Not the first place you would expect to see a lectern, but next time you visit your local country park, zoo or wildlife reserve, take a look at the free-standing information boards.  With a pole held in the ground and an angled top, these are lecterns – albeit a specific design. These and many others can be produced using our bespoke service.

So, if you thought lecterns were just for church and presentations, think again!  Our customers are constantly surprising us with their creativity.  Whatever you want to use your lectern for, we can help, so give us a call on 0845 4310326.
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