Public Speaking

Looking for ways to make your next speech or presentation more engaging? Look no further for our top tips covering everything about presenting from how to stand, body language and eye contact to creating great content and visual aids!
A very popular lectern, the AV1 is one of our most versatile designs.
Av Lecterns are used in a wide variety of professions and work places from classrooms to boardrooms. As opposed to regular lecterns, AV lecterns incorporate the latest audio and visual technology. Through the incorporation of your AV equipment and unique design you will be able to impress any audience with this modern aesthetic.   A very popular lectern, the AV1 is one of our most versatile designs.  It is ideal for hi-tech presentations and teaching, and can also be used as a sales point or concierge desk.  Free standing, it includes a lockable, vented cupboard suitable f..
Don't let the lectern swallow you whole - how to add movement to your presentations
Caution: Man-eating Lectern!                                                                                        Beware of spending your whole presentation standing behind the lectern.  To make your speech come to life, you need to move around the stage a little - or that lectern will swallow you whole and turn you into ..
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How to stand - and other useful presentation tips
Before you even begin to speak, and throughout your presentation, your audience are making subconscious judgements on the content of your talk based on the way you present yourself.  Learn how to use this to your advantage and read our top tips!
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Top 10 Public Speaking Tips
Petrified of giving presentations? Loathe lecturing? Scared of speeches? Our top ten tips will help you defeat the dread and communicate with confidence!
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